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Power Steering Rack & Pinion Installation Instructions



1.         (WARNING) Always remove negative battery cable to prevent short circuits.  Allow ignition to                        be left on so the steering wheel can be turned freely.

2.         Disconnect the tie rod ends from the steering knuckles.  Separate the input or pinion shaft

            from the steering column.  Some vehicles will require the removal of a pinch bolt or roll pin.

            On some models, the Intermediate Shaft will be removed from vehicle along with the power

            steering rack & pinion.

3.         Remove pressure and return lines from rack & pinion, and cap off the line.

4.         Remove the steering rack & pinion:

A. On some models, the rack & pinion will slide out through a wheel well.        

                        B. On some models, the rack & pinion can be lowered from vehicle through the bottom.

5.         If the tie rods are to be reused, remove them from the tie rod ends.

Caution:  Do not twist the protective boot or damage the threads of the tie rod.

Do not hold rack & pinion by the vise.



1.         Place the rack & pinion in position.  Make sure the input shaft and steering column are engaged


2.         Install mounting bolts, nuts, washers and rubber insulators in correct position.

Caution:  Torque all mounting bolts to manufactures vehicle specification.

3.         Reconnect the return line, not pressure line.

4.         Attach the tie rod ends to the steering knuckles.   Torque to manufactures specification.

Caution:  Do no twist or damage the boots.

5.         Reconnect the negative battery cable terminal.

Warning:      Always use correct fluid approved by the original equipment manufacturer or warranty is void.



1.         Before attaching the lines from the pump to the rack, place open ends in waste container.

2.         Fill the new fluid into the pump reservoir.

3.         Start engine.  Keep fluid level in pump reservoir until the fluid runs clean.

4.         Reconnect the pressure and return line to rack & pinion.



1.         Refill the reservoir with new fluid.

2.         Restart engine.

3.         Turn steering wheel 2-3 times back and forth until power steering pump reservoir is free of bubble


4.         Check the fluid level and for leaks before road testing the vehicle.



1.         Remove the fluid return (low pressure) hose from the nipple on the power steering reservoir.

            Inspect the hose for deterioration and replace if needed.

2.         Insert the filter into the hose with the large open end first.


3.         Reconnect hose to reservoir.  Avoid bending or twisting the hose to prevent damage to the

            Filter.  Refill system with O.E. Specified Fluid.



Warning:  To avoid voiding warranty, replacement “O” rings should be used

with proper torque (10-15 ft. lbs.) on pump line connections, to prevent leakage

and damage to housing.

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