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Suggested Installation Instructions
Corvette Calipers
1.  Before installing the Calipers
      A.  Disconnect flexible lines at the frame and old calipers.  Remove old calipers.
      B.  Install New Pad, retaining pin and cotter key in each new caliper.
2.  Install the Calipers
      A.  Attach brake line (with copper washer on front) to caliper.
      B.  Install Caliper.
      C.  Attach the brake line to the frame.
      D.  For rear breaks only:
            1.  Check steel line on rear caliper for clearance
            2.  Check rear rotor run out.
      E.  Bleed the brakes starting at the passenger rear and working toward the master
            cylinder.  Add brake fluid as required so that the master cylinder doesn't go dry. 
             Fill master cylinder when finished.
      F.  After bleeding wipe excess brake fluid off of the calipers.
1.  Do not mix silicone and glycol brake fluid.  Use only new DOT 3, 4 or 5 fluid in the system
2.  Using anti-squeal compounds on the back of pads will void the warranty
Note:  On cars that are not driven for long periods it is suggested that you depress the brake
                   pedals weekly to keep the calipers from weeping.

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